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St. Ignace Public Library Fines No More FAQ

We are eliminating all overdue fines and movie rental fees starting September 1, 2018. This means that we will no longer charge fines for items that have been brought back after their due date. We are following the trend of supporting our patrons and our community by getting rid of overdue fines and creating a more open, friendly space that encourages literacy.

Patrons will still be charged for the replacement cost of items that have not been returned within 40 days-replacement cost will be waived completely if the item is returned.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does this policy take affect?

Overdue fines and movie rental fees will be completely eliminated and no longer charged starting September 1, 2018.

Will my previous fines be forgiven?

Yes! All fines that were occurred on a patron’s account prior to September 1, 2018 will be forgiven as long as the patron does not have any library material that are overdue. Patrons with overdue items may bring back their items and have their accounts cleared.

Does this change apply to lost or damaged items?

No. Items that are brought back damaged will be charged the replacement cost. Items that are deemed lost will be charged the replacement cost.

Will the library remind me if items are overdue?

If you are already set up with our overdue notice system, then you will still receive notification of when items are close to being due or are overdue. Patrons will receive a final overdue notice once the item is 30 days overdue, and will be billed for the replacement cost after 40 days.

How will patrons return their items if they do not have to pay fines?

Patrons with 2 overdue items will have their accounts go into stasis until one or two of those overdue items are returned. Their accounts will not be charged overdue fines, but this method reminds patrons to return items within a reasonable time frame so that others may enjoy it as well. Patrons are welcome to call the library and renew their items if another patron does not request said item.


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