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Library Materials-Collection Development Policy

Section 1- Purpose

To establish a framework for continuous evaluation and improvement of collections that support the mission and core values of the St. Ignace Public Library

Section 2- Goals
  • To strive for a well-balanced, comprehensive, and of adequate size and diversity collection to meet the needs of its user.
  • To continue improving our collection so that it is up-to-date and well maintained.
  • To utilize statistics in usage of the collections to insure that proper allocation of the material budget.
  • To continually evaluate and identify new formats to make the collection more valuable and accessible to our patrons.  
Section 3- Materials Selection
  1. Philosophy

The mission of St. Ignace Public Library is to provide materials, resources, and services to foster the evolving educational, information, cultural, and recreational enrichment of all the people the communities serve by the library.

St. Ignace Public Library adheres to the principles of intellectual freedom stated in the Library Bill of Rights and the Freedom to Read Statement. The library provides equal service to all our library users and are committed to honor the rights of an individual to use the library regardless of race, religion, age, national origin, or social and/or political views.

  1. Selection Process

Library materials are selected by the director after consulting with various forms of reviews and web resources. Circulation statistics, patron usage, and patron requests are used to guide the selection process. 

III. Standards of Selection

The library attempts to purchase a wide variety of fiction that will fulfil the needs of the patron. Titles are chosen that consider the popularity of the author, the appeal of book for a specific audience, genre, and literary reputation of the author. Materials are chosen through book lists from established sources and online journal reviews. Effort is made to continually update and weed items that are outdated.

Nonfiction is purchased to suite a variety of interests and needs of the patrons. Popular subjects such as cooking, house and garden, crafts, outdoor activities, people of interest are all considered when purchasing new nonfiction items. Materials are chosen through book lists from established sources and online journal reviews. Effort is made to continually update and weed items that are outdated.

The purchase of law, medicine, sex education, and religious materials will be vetted on authoritative, up-to-date, and understandable to the lay person.

Due to paperbacks being easily damaged, their processing and cataloging will be kept to a minimum. If a hardback version of an item is available, the hardback will be purchased over a paperback edition.

Books donated and gifted to the library may be accepted if in good condition. If the item is in good condition, it will be checked against the collection to see if it is needed by the library.

Section 3- Selection Sources and Criteria

Selection Sources

  • com
  • Baker & Taylor
  • Booklist
  • Barnes and Noble
  • Fantastical Fiction
  • Ingram iPage
  • Ingram Advance
  • Ingram Select
  • Kirkus Reviews
  • New York Times
  • Publisher’s Weekly
  • Teenreads

Selection Criteria

Reviews: Reviews are utilized to assist in evaluating items. A favorable review is required before a purchase is made.

Demand: Adult fiction in demand based on local interest, author popularity, and other factors are almost always purchased. Non-fiction titles in demand will also be purchased unless inaccuracy of information is presented.

Authors: The author’s previous publications and qualifications are important when selecting material.

Formats: Formats of material should be appropriate for library use. Ideally, books will have good bindings and attempts to buy hardcover will be made. Audiovisual materials should be able to withstand heavy use and durability is considered.

Price: Price is a considered in the relation to the value of the item to the library collection. Items exceeding $50.00 are avoided to protect the patron from paying a replacement cost.

Local Authors: Local authors often donate their publications. Items donated will be placed in the collection. Self-published items will be reviewed against our selection criteria, and if there is a high interest in the subject, the item will be purchased. However, if there is not a need for it in within our collection, self-published items will not be purchased.

Memorial Gifts: Monetary gifts made to the library in memory of, or in honor of, an individual will have staff select and purchase the book and then a memorial plaque will be placed in the item.

Non-print: Recreational interest is considered for featured films for the inclusion into the collection.

Section 5- Replacement Copies

Titles that are still in demand will be repurchased. Circulation statistics will be reviewed to determine if the item is still needed in the collection. Items that are no longer in demand, but a patron is requesting the item can be found on interlibrary loan.

Section 6- Exclusion of Materials
  • The Library recognizes that some materials are controversial in nature. Attempts will be made for the inclusion of multiple view-points regarding controversial topics.
  • Materials written to trade on sensationalism are not knowingly added into the collection. Works in which present a realistic picture or some problem in or some aspect of life are not excluded because of frankness or description.


Adopted July 10, 2018

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