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Car Ferry Exhibit

On May 2, 1923, the Michigan State Public Act 106, the Ferry Act, marked the beginning of automobile ferriage across the Straits of Mackinac that was cheap, and well-regulated. Before the Ferry Act, automobiles traversed the straits on railroad boats in which cars would be drained of all fuel and placed next to hulking freights and loose cargo. 

A total of 8 ferries were in service throughout the years of the car ferries before the Mackinac Bridge was commissioned. Each ferry had their own unique story, technical details, and an amazing Michigan history in which the ferries connected our two halves.

Car Ferry exhibit consists of details of all ferries that were in service, original logbooks, models of the ferries, and a historical significance to the community of St. Ignace. 

Located at: St. Ignace Public Library, History Room.  

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