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Reading introduces new words to a child’s vocabulary that are not used in every day conversations and encourages imaginative thinking. Sharing books and introducing new themes help children learn


Children learn about language by listening to parents talk and joining in the conversation. As they hear spoken words, it helps them decode words and how words can be put together to communicate ideas and information.


Children learn to connect what they know in the world, using language and imagination, through play. Dramatic play helps develop vocabulary and activates a child’s imagination.


Songs are a natural way to learn about language, as they help children develop listening skills and to recognize the rhythms and rhymes of spoken language.



Reading and writing go together, as children become aware that printed letters stand for spoken words. Children develop a knowledge of the purpose and meaning of reading through writing


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Take the joy of the library on the go with these books.

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Get your imaginary spaceship and explore the stars and planets.

New at the Library
The Color Collector by Nicholas Solis Saguaro's gifts by Kurt Cyrus Mindful Mr. Sloth by Katy Hudson Maggie McNitch by Margaret Salter Silly Kitty and the spooky night by Nicola Lopetz
Silly Kitty and the rainy day by Nicola Lopetz Rock and Vole by Jennifer Gordon Sattler We Want Snow! by Jamie Swenson So you want to build a library by Lindsay Leslie Sad little dragon by Margaret Salter

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