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1,000 Books Before Kindergarten

Have your child be a part of something big- reading 1,000 books before starting Kindergarten! 

Read a book, any book, to your child before the start Kindergarten. You can read any book over and over again, and it still counts as multiple books read. 1,000 books can sound daunting, but if you read one book a night it equals 365 books in a year. That is 730 books in two years and 1,095 books in just three years! If you add in storytime books read at the library, preschool, and other opportunities to read books- that 1,000 book goal can easily be reached.


Let’s Get Started
  • Sign up at the library to receive your 1,000 Books before Kindergarten Packet.
  • Mark off on the log each time a book is read.
  • When you complete a log of 100 books read, give your child one of the mini prizes provided in your packet.
  • When you complete a log of 500 books read, you are half-way there. Come and pick up a story book as a prize
  • Once you complete a log of 1,000 books read, you did it! Stop by the library for a certificate and a story book prize.



  1. My child is almost in Kindergarten. Can we still participate?

YES! Any child can start the 1,000 Books Before Kindergarten program anytime between birth and starting Kindergarten. We will give a modified goal to those who are 4 years of age.

  1. Babysitter, Grandparents, Storytime at the Library, etc. read to my child. Does this count?

Any book read by any person to your child absolutely counts and should be marked on the reading logs. And when the child starts reading by to themselves that counts as well.

  1. My child does not always listen to the whole book. Does this still count?

Babies, toddlers, and preschoolers have varying attention spans and not every book read will grasp their attention enough for them to sit still. This is meant to be a fun program to encourage literacy at a young age, so any and all attempts at reading a book count towards the reading logs. Sharing books is a wonderful way to connect and build vocabulary awareness, and it is perfectly fine if you just talk about the pictures together.


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