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How to Access Libby

How does over 100,000 titles sound? You can now access 3 large digital collections on Libby (or Overdrive) with your library card.

How to Sign in to Libby

How to Access All 3 Digital Collections

Step 1. Go to the Libby menu in the top right corner then click Add A Library

Step 2. Search for a partner library and select it. (Suburban Library Cooperative, 
Midwest Collaborative for Library Services, Lakeland Library Cooperative)

Step 3. Go to the Libby menu in the top right corner again and click Add A Card 

Step 4. Select I’m Visiting From Another Library

Step 5. Select Great Lakes Digital Library

Step 6. Select the library you have your card through (St. Ignace Public Library)

Step 7. Sign in with your barcode and PIN

You have successfully added a new library card! Repeat these steps for the remaining partnering libraries.

REMINDER: Each library collection has it’s own search. You will need to switch between libraries to see their collections. Your shelves will show your items from all the different
libraries together.

How to Access all 3 digital collections



























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