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History Tidbits- Cherry LaMont, Daredevil

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St. Ignace, Michigan

In August 1927, Cherry LaMont, “greatest living daredevil”, completed a 100-hour, non-stop, no eat or sleep drive through the eastern Upper Peninsula. He drove for five days and nights, hand-cuffed to the steering wheel of an enclosed Chrysler. his route took him from Sault Ste. Marie and through Rudyard, Moran, St. Ignace and circling back to the Soo.

He experienced one “unpleasant incident” when he was forced into the ditch “by a drunken driver”. 

By the end, LaMont had driven 1,941 miles. After he successfully completed he odyssey, he ate soup and a sandwich and went to sleep for 10 hours.

Auto Chrysler 1927

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