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History Tidbits- Father Marquette Statue

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St. Ignace, Michigan

The Old Mission Church Association- comprised of the Knights of Columbus and the Diocese of Marquette- commissioned a statue of Father Marquette. The life-size figure was sculpted by Aldo Pera, a graduate of the Royal Academy of Art in Florence, Italy. 

The statue was unveiled, dedicated and blessed by the Most Rev. Thomas L. Noa, during the Father Marquette day on August 11, 1957. The likeness of the Jesuit priest was positioned just north of the relocated former Old Mission Catholic Church, after its re-purposing as a museum. Fr. Marquette’s effigy was set facing Moran Bay, with a triangular background of Drummond dolomite, capped by a tilted cross of California redwood.

Later, the Marquette icon was moved to the south side of the museum building, where is resides today.

Father Marquette Statue in original location

Father Marquette Statue in the Park

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