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History Tidbits- Ice Float Fiasco with Mailboat

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St. Ignace, Michigan

During a blizzard in early February, 1914, the mailboat arrived near the shore of Mackinac Island. The mail was deposited in the custody of mail carrier W.K. Chambers and his assistant, Gerald McCarty, along with passengers W.P. Chambers, Ed Chambers and John Harmon. About to go ashore, the found themselves on a broken-off floe, drifting out into the bay. The mailboat had departed! 

Their shouts were finally heard on shore by Mr. Bourisaw, who quickly spread the alarm. Their plight was telephoned to the crew of Lotus at St. Ignace. A rowboat was secured and launched, and after a perilous and unnerving time, all were safely rescued in several trips.


Ice Floes


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