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Study Guide- Weather


Hurricane and Tornado

by Jack Challoner

Describes dangerous and destructive weather conditions around the world, such as thunderstorms, tornadoes, hurricanes, lightning, hail, and drought with photographs, historical background, and legends.

An Instant Guide to Weather

by Eleanor Lawrence & Borin Van Loon

A guide to recognizing different weather phenomena and understanding their causes, illustrated throughout.

Nation Audubon Society First Field Guide-Weather

by Jonathon D. W. Kahl

Provides an overview of various weather conditions, how they develop, and how they are studied.


by Ann Armbruster & Elizabeth A. Taylor

Describes the causes, different parts, and movements of tornadoes, discusses how they are tracked and studied by scientists, and suggests science projects and related activities.

Straits of Mackinac Weather

by Dr. Sandra L. Planisek & Dr. Peter Blanken

Understanding why and how weather is formed in the Straits of Mackinac.

The Weather Book

by Jack Williams

Detailing USA weather.

Wind and Weather

by Liane Onish

Climates, clouds, snow, tornadoes, and how weather is predicted.

Wonders of Weather

by Frances Nankin

Describes, in brief text and illustrations, the basics of what causes weather and weather conditions.


Making Sense of Weather and Climate

by Mark Denny

How do meteorologists design forecasts for the next day’s, the next week’s, or the next month’s weather? Are some forecasts more likely to be accurate than others, and why? Making Sense of Weather and Climate takes readers through how weather relates to climate, particularly climate-change science.

Weather and Climate

by Joe Greek

Learn the importance of understanding weather patterns and how they affect various aspects of life.

Learn Online

These resources have excellent colored diagrams and explains specific terminology used. Each section has a fun mini quiz at the end.


Extreme Weather



Thunder and Lightning

Tornadoes, Cyclones and Hurricanes

Weather Forecasting

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