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Proctoring Services

The St. Ignace Public Library offers free proctoring services. Please contact a librarian well in advance of your exam to determine if the library will be able to accommodate your request.

Guidelines for All Examinations

Prior to the Exam (Students):
  1. Students must set an appointment to have their exam(s) proctored for each exam by calling the library at 906-643-8318. An appointment is required, drop-in exams will not be proctored.
  2. The library does not proctor exams by constantly observing students. Before scheduling a proctoring session, please ensure that your institution does not require the proctor session to be continuously monitored.
  3. Students must make arrangements with their institution to ensure that the exam and/or login instructions arrive at the library prior to the scheduled exam time. Students are responsible for confirming that the exam has been received.
  4. Students are responsible for verifying that the computer resources at the library are adequate for their exam requirements. The library does not allow the installation of any software on library computers or the disabling of the internet or restriction of access to sites on the internet. If this is required, the student must use their own laptop.
At The Exam (Students):                            
  1. Students must provide any supplies necessary to take the exam.
  2. Students must abide by permitted exam materials set by their institution.
  3. Students are responsible for any and all financial transactions between student and examining institution or delivery service must be made directly between those parties.
At the Exam (Library)
  1. The proctor will provide a place for the student to take the test
  2. The proctor will check student’s identification and issue the exam.
  3. The proctor will be aware of the student taking the exam, periodically observe student as time allows, sign a proctor form if required, and return completed exam if necessary.

The library is not responsible if the institution or library website, email, or internet access are not working. The library is not responsible for the loss of exams by postal service or electronically. The library is not responsible for the student’s performance on the test.

  • (906) 643-8318

  • Hours

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