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History Tidbits- St. Helena

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St. Ignace, Michigan

This description of St. Helena Island appeared in October 28, 1887 issue of the St. Ignace News:

“The island of approximately 250 acres is covered with forest, predominately evergreens, except for 50-60 acres of cleared, cultivated acres. The soil is a coarse gravely loam, meaning that wagon roads and footpaths never turn to mudholes.

The government lighthouse is at the southeast corner of the island. Along the east shore are: Newton’s dock, warehouses, several homes, barns and a school house. This island is nearly 1 1/2 miles in length and a carriage way runs along the east and northeast shore. The distance across the water is two miles to Blanchard’s. This island is eight miles from St. Ignace.”

St. Helena Lighthouse

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